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We help you ace your Physics exams: 

Proven Success: 95% A or B
for National and International Exams in the Past

Our #1 goal is to help you ace your next Physics test, be it A-level/O-level/IB/IP/AP/SAT. This is our commitment to you. You will be taught by Caltech master and NUS former teacher. All the physics tuition sessions are well prepared. We answer to your questions directly and clearly. All materials and notes are provided for free. Our track record is 95% A or B for national and international exams in the past 10 years. Come and see how well you can do as a well-trained physics student!

Customized Learning 
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

It is not that only weak students have to come for tuitions. More often than not, we see students coming from different academic backgrounds and schools. Top students from top schools are able to score well, on top of their CCA activities, because they have great tutoring here to help them save time and learn ahead. Some weaker students come in depressed by their recent exam results and still be able to turn around and score A for their next test. We offer quality tutoring at great rates!

Your Worthwhile Investment in Education
Success Stories
An ACS(I) Boy 

This student is attending ACS(I) IB program. It is a challenging program and he failed Sec 3 physics. After some sessions, he has scored 6 out of 7 in his Sec 4 exams. 

A Tanglin Trust Girl

This girl attends Tanglin Trust and was preparing for IGCSE exams. She changed tutors many times and finally found us to help her. She has improved from fail to B for both Physics and chemistry. 


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We offer small group or one-on-one session to help students maximize their improvements. Here we believe that every student can learn to appreciate the beauty of physics and score much better than before. To cater to students from different academic programs, we group students from the same school together. Many students come to us after failing physics tests all the time and they could not believe they could also score an A or even top their class for physics!

Often we find that students did not learn many key concepts that are essential for them to score well for physics. When they are shown how to solve physics problems with clever tricks, they are enthralled! Physics education at all levels open up more opportunities in science and engineering as students go for further studies. Many parents have invested in their children's education by joining our sessions. When you see the improved results, you will know that every penny has been a worthwhile investment!

An O-level Girl

This girl has been failing her physics exams since Sec 3. Out  of desperation, she approached us for help. After a few sessions, she has improved to be the top scorer in her class!

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       Wow, I have scored A

for my AP physics 1 school tests. This is my best score ever for physics! Thank you so

much for your teaching!

       Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you for helping me improve a lot academically and working so hard for me this past  few months :D



     Reina has scored A1 for her maths and science in her O-levels. Thank you for your guidance!



— Student from SAS


— Student from Catholic High, IP program

— Parent of an O-level student



— Parent of Reina, O-level student

     George has scored A1 this time! Thank you so much for your teaching! Hopefully he will score A1 in his EOY too!

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