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Online Physics Tutor

Xi Xi, specialized tutor to help you Ace Physics exam

MOE and NUS Scholar, Caltech Master and NUS Teacher

Ms. Xi Xi is a physics master tutor with 10 years experience in teaching. She holds a BEng. Degree in Engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Master Degree in Science from California Institute of Technology (Caltech), both with full scholarships. Her research findings have been published in several academic journals. While attending Crescent Girls' School and Raffles Junior College, she was awarded full scholarship from Ministry of Education in Singapore. She was also a member of the prestigious University Scholars' Programme (USP) in NUS. Ms Xi is also a certified IB Physics teacher.

Immersed in a family of teachers, Ms. Xi finds it very natural to be in the teaching profession. As a passionate and caring teacher, she has taught students in NUS and various international and local schools. She is also a certified IB Physics teacher. Rest assured that students are taken care of in safe and capable hands!  

Master Degree from Caltech held by Physics Master Tutor
Engineering Degree held by Physics Tutor
Physics Master Tutor Graduating from Caltech.JPG
IB Certicate for Physics Xi Xi.jpg
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