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Singapore O-level Pure Physics 2018 MCQ Answers

Physics Exam Answers

Here we would like to discuss the MCQ questions in O-level Pure Physics Exam held in late 2018.


6-10 BACAA

11-15 ABDCC

16-20 DAABD

21-25 DBCBD

26-30 BBDBC

31-35 AAAAD

36-40 CDBBC

Some students have claimed that they scored 39 or 38 out of total 40 marks. However they still could only score A2, instead of an A1.

So, what went wrong? The paper 2 with structured questions makes or breaks an A1. The difference between A and B could be quite large, but the difference between A1 and A2 is very small. The devil is in the details!

If you need help with scoring better for O-level Physics, please feel free to contact us at +65-9646-7611.

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