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Should I take A-level Physics?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Now the local Junior Colleges (JC) have started this academic year. Many secondary school students have moved onto JC life. They do not stay in one classroom anymore. They will carry their bags and move from lecture halls to various classrooms, always moving.

Coming to subject combinations, many science-stream students will take PCME, which refers to Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Economics. Many students might wonder if they should take Physics at H2 level. Here I offer my two-cents on this matter.

You should take Physics as it opens more opportunities

Physics education in high school level allows students to move on to most of the science and engineering majors offered in university. For many students at this age, the future is unfolding and it is better to keep their options open, instead of fixing on a single major which is risky.

2. You should take Physics as it helps you see the world in a logical way.

What is constant in this world? What is a variable that is changing? What is a known quantity? What is unknown? Physics students learn these key concepts every day and they could use them as a lens to understand the world.

3. You should take Physics as it is relatively easier to score well compared to humanities.

Physics and maths are two subjects that people could score almost full marks. It is not so for humanities. As one English Literature major once said, your work will be an A grade only if it is publishable, so usually students with a B is already considered doing very well. If students learn some useful tips as we have covered in our physics sessions, then their grades could improve substantially. There were three girls who were struggling with Physics at the final months of A-levels. After a few months of effective tuition, they have all scored A or B for physics and they are now very happy! Please see the photos for their good news!

4. Warning: You should not take A-level Physics if you have not mastered secondary school Physics and Additional Maths.

All Physicists are mathematicians, but not the other way round. Physics require a high command of the mathematical language. Drawing tangents, sine and cosine graphs are normal for physics. Also, A-level Physics is a superset of O-level Physics taught in secondary school. Personally I could suggest students who have scored an A or B for Physics and Maths to take A-level Physics. For A grade students, it might be fine to handle the subject. For B grade students, it will be a struggle and they could easily get lost in lectures.

Just a suggestion, if you get lost in your school materials and do not understand a tiny part of one chapter, please seek help here at +65-9646-7611. School life is very fast-paced. Please do not wait for the last minute to get help. All in all, wish you a fulfilling learning experience in Junior College or High School!

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