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How to prepare for AP Physics exams in 2020?

AP physics exams schedule for 2020
AP physics exams schedule for 2020

2020 is a tough year for everyone. Many exams are canceled. AP exams have changed to online and open-book exams!

What is the new exam format now?

For physics, it is now only 45 mins. It is open book and only Free Response Questions (FRQs). No multiple choice questions (MCQs), that means no guesswork!

For students in Asia, it means getting up at 2am or 4am in the morning and getting ready for a tough physics exam!

So how could we prepare for this AP physics exam?

1. Get the best summary notes from us!

2. Practice past year FRQs! List out all the hot questions! For example, mechanics tend to have a long complicated question that tests on many chapters.

3. Practice doing past year FRQs as quickly as possible! For open book exams in 45 mins, timing would be very tight and the questions would most probably be very long and hard to understand!

For last-min crash courses, please contact us at +65-96467611 by WhatsApp! Premium Physics tutoring for you!

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