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How to score well for AP Physics?

It is that time of the year. AP Physics exams are coming in a few weeks’ time. First of all, AP Physics exams are very tough. Out of 10 marks, if students score 4 or 5 marks, it is already a score 5. So, how could we prepare well for AP Physics exams? Here I offer my two cents for scoring better.

1. Get the fundamentals right.

There are 10 main topics in AP Physics 1. Each topic has a few key equations that we must have them on the fingertips. We need to know when to apply each equation in your toolbox and understand what each quantity means. There are only 26 letters and one letter p can mean different things in different topics.

2. Zoom out and have a holistic picture.

When we see the free-response questions, we see a pattern. They are covering a lot of topics in one long story-like question. So it is crucial that we zoom out and see how the pieces could come together. For example, all topics on Newtonian mechanics could come under one roof.

3. Seek help early.

Some students took AP Physics 1 as their very first Physics subject, with no prior background in physics in secondary school. As you could imagine, it will be a steep learning curve. Please seek help early before it is too late. Some students from international schools in Singapore have already seen how they could score a 5 for AP physics. You could too!

Here at Chen-Xi International Education, we offer effective AP Physics tutoring services, online and offline. Please feel free to contact us at +65-9646-7611. All the best for AP Physics 1 exam!

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