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Answers to O-level Science Physics Exam in 2018

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Here we share the answers to O-level Science Physics Exam in 2018.

Paper 1


Q6-10: DDCBD

Q11-15: DBACB

Q16-20: CABAC

Paper 2

Q1: electrical, chemical potential

Q2: 47.5N

Q3: 65km, B and C, 107km/h

Q4: Enlarged, 15, 1.5

Q5: 250, BE, CE

Q6: 4.2*10^14 Hz


Q8: 0.27J

Q9: YZ, XY

Q10: 4240N, 42.25m, 179000J

Q11: 0.833A, 80

Q12: 198Nm

Q13: 0.039g, 630N

Q14: 20 Ohms

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